My 5-day Fast (Day 2)

How am I feeling physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as my short fast continues?

Purpose: Physical and spiritual reset

Goal: Daily meditation/prayer, exercise, and journaling with a focus on weight-loss

Day 2:

Weight: 165.8 pounds (2.8 pounds down from Day 1: 168.6)

Sleep: +/- 6 hours Continue reading “My 5-day Fast (Day 2)”

What’s Eating Rural America?

Mental Health in our Rural Communities (Part 1)

We are Northerners. We are small-town Americans. We come from hearty stock. Our backs are strong and our wills, even stronger. We don’t like handouts. We work. We live. We persevere. We are mentally tough and emotionally ready.

Or at least we’d like to think so.

Despite being far from the speed and the bustle of the city, regardless of our clean air and pristine water, even with our close-knit communities and disproportionately large numbers claiming faith, we rural folk are not immune to the stress of the modern-day world. We still fall prey to Continue reading “What’s Eating Rural America?”