My 5-day Fast

I started a 5-day fast, my longest so far. In this post, I detail my objectives and outline where I’m at on Day 1 with regards to my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual outlook.

Purpose: Physical and spiritual reset

Goal: Daily meditation/prayer, exercise, and journaling with a focus on weight-loss

Description: I started a 5-day Fast last night (Sunday). The plan is to fast until Friday night, drinking only water, cinnamon tea, electrolyte water (sodium and potassium added, called Snake Juice by some), and if I’m desperate, a mug of bone broth. Continue reading “My 5-day Fast”


The Happiness Project

Stepping up to own my Happy

How happy are you, really? Do you have a general sense of optimism even when life throws you lemony curveballs?

Me…I love lemony everything, but I’m grumpy a lot. At big things. At little things. At all the things. I go through bouts of deep soul-searching sadness too, when nature can’t reach me and people seem against me and trying seems pointless. I yell at my four-year old for doing four-year old things, and then Continue reading “The Happiness Project”