My 5-day Fast (Day 4)

Day 4 started out near-euphoric but then got harder as the hours wore on.


Day 4:

Weight: 163.4 pounds (5.2 pounds down from Day 1: 168.6)

Sleep: +/- 7 hours

No nap yesterday helped me fall asleep quickly last night. I slept more soundly than previous nights of the fast, though I woke up early with another headache. Continue reading “My 5-day Fast (Day 4)”


My 5-Day Fast (Day 3)

The third day brought hunger yet continued resolve.

Purpose: Physical and spiritual reset

Goal: Daily meditation/prayer, exercise, and journaling with a focus on weight-loss

Day 3:

Weight: 164.8 pounds (3.8 pounds down from Day 1: 168.6) Continue reading “My 5-Day Fast (Day 3)”