The 11th Minimize Minute

What bugs you?

Challenge #11 Bug Be Gone

Pick something that bugs you every time you see it and resolve it.

How’d it go:

My goal with this challenge was to tackle a low-priority task that, while not critical, still bugs me every time I see it or use it. That was my only criteria, and honestly, as I looked around my home, I realized I could tackle one of these every single day and they’d still pile up. The wobbly stool, the squeaky door, the stained carpet, the dirty windows, the unpacked moving box, the unhung pictures, the loose pan handle, etc.

I decided it didn’t matter if the choice was based on the ease of the solution or the severity of the “bug”, but I ended up finding one that was both easy and had been creating a lot of mind clutter. In our sun room, which functions as my daily workout space and our craft, sewing, and jewelry-making room, there was one big box of miscellaneous stuff that needed to be gone through. I had moved it from place to place over the last year and every time I looked it, it bugged me.

I put it on the dining room table, and then gathered a garbage bag and a bin for whatever needed to be kept. Digging in, I found old mail, ancient file folders or odd paperwork, kid artwork, Christmas decorations, toys, Ange Days and Edge Riders materials, and a ton else. I sorted it, kept only what needed to be kept, put everything away that had a legit home, and then recycled the box.

It was a quick and satisfying chore. And, I had one less annoying thing to look at the next morning during my workout.

Now, if I could just kill one “bug” a day, that would be ideal.

The 10th Minimize Minute


Author: Angle Full of Grace

A writer, woods-wanderer, and internal peace seeker who raises two free-range children in the wilderness, I escaped the wasteland of corporate America a few years back never to return. I write about love, family, mental health, addiction, parenthood and personal growth all through lens of place and connection to the land. Most entries are my weekly column for our local small-town newspaper, and there's an occasional feature story thrown in the mix as well.

3 thoughts on “The 11th Minimize Minute”

  1. I love this idea. The other day I needed to find a jar of hot pickled peppers for the kid who wanted them on his burger. I came across a bunch of jars with dubious looking contents…I decided to do a purge of just jars in that fridge at that moment. Didn’t take long, but now I’m a lot less irritated when I open the fridge and, bonus, I see at a glance what I need and take it out without drama. 🙂

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