My 5-Day Fast (Day 3)

The third day brought hunger yet continued resolve.

Purpose: Physical and spiritual reset

Goal: Daily meditation/prayer, exercise, and journaling with a focus on weight-loss

Day 3:

Weight: 164.8 pounds (3.8 pounds down from Day 1: 168.6)

Sleep: +/- 5 hours

My sleep is really suffering and it’s having an impact on my mental well-being. I needed to try for a nap today but ran out of hours. I also need to get into bed earlier tonight. I succeeded in shutting all screens down by about 8:15 last night, but I still wasn’t in bed until at least 10:30. Not sure when I fell asleep.

Tonight I’ll be headed to bed right after publishing this.

IMG_2703 Relax Tea.JPG


  • 1 cup Lipton Stress Less caffeine free tea
  • 1 cup coffee with cream and stevia
  • 1/4 liter Snake Juice
  • 32 oz ice water
  • 1 drop of dōTerra’s metabolic blend essential oil supplement
  • 1 tsp diatomaceous earth
  • 1.5 cups bone broth with tsp each of high vitamin butter oil, coconut oil, lemon juice, ACV, pink salt and Srirachaimg_2701.jpg


My body felt good but not great early in the day. A very mild headache woke me up at about 3:50AM, but it went away as soon as I started drinking liquids. My daughter and I  walked to the post office in the sunny but biting 17 degree weather. The fresh air felt good, but I was impatient with her dawdling and didn’t enjoy myself. I had gnawing hunger for most of the day and felt extremely tempted to steal a bite of my daughter’s lunch. I did allow myself some fat calories with my morning coffee; and I would wager that the small insulin spike from the cream and the stevia is likely what has made me feel so much more hungry today. I also didn’t have any cinnamon tea. That has seemed to help with my appetite.

I did another intense workout, Day 42 of 80-Day Obsession focusing on legs. The sneaky thing about this program is that each workout is pretty much full body plus core, AND they all get my heart rate sky high especially when we lift heavy like we did today. I was lightheaded once while getting up from the floor but it passed quickly.

My standard very hot (in order to fascia blast) and then very cold shower felt amazing. I worked on my neck, face and legs to correspond with leg day. I LOVE those last few minutes as I gradually make the water colder and colder as it runs over my skull and down my body. When it’s almost too cold to stand, I do a quick spin to get my whole body and then quickly shut off the water. It always leaves me a little breathless, like an abbreviated orgasm of sorts.

Mama’s, Papa’s, Daughter’s

Because I was feeling hungry for most of the day and missing our family sit-downs, I planned soup for their dinner and a bowl of bone broth for mine. I did add a little healthy fat, so today I’ve had some calories, maybe 200 or so.  We’ll see with keto testing and weigh-in tomorrow morning what the impact was.

Nitty Gritty: The coffee helped induce two small, soft bowel movements early in the day, which is mildly disturbing considering I haven’t had food in 60+ hours. I wonder how much fecal matter sits in our colon or intestines at any given time. Before bed last night the Keto test strip showed the darkest color, a first for me. In my previous fasts (longest: 62 hours) I never reached that level.

Keto strip from night of Day 2


I was near tears a couple of times early today over minor, personal issues. I’ve also been very grumpy and impatient with Iris, but I don’t know if it’s due to fasting or PMS. I’ll start my period on Friday, and these kinds of mood swings are pretty typical right beforehand. Early afternoon, I gave her some screen time so I could peacefully sat down with my Simple Abundance book, soothing music and a lovely scent in my oil diffuser. I would normally take comfort in food when I’m feeling emotional, and though I’m having emotional food cravings (not so much physical), I’m grateful this fast will help me break that unhealthy pattern.

Later in the day, after my workout and the broth, I had another burst of energy and ended up having a dance party in the dark in the living room with my daughter. It felt so great to spin and let my hair fly, not caring who watched. We were playing the music as loud as it would go, and I was very lost in the moment. It was a ton of fun and actually quite moving. It took the place of my meditation for the day quite adequately; I may have to add movement or dance meditation more often. I really enjoyed it.


My thoughts aren’t overly preoccupied with food, but my stomach feels empty and I’m wanting to eat. Thankfully my determination to continue is high, owing in large part to this check-in. I committed to being 100% truthful, and I don’t want to break my fast earlier than my goal of Friday night. I’m notoriously good at starting things but not finishing them, and it’s time to change that. I want more self-discipline and no one can learn it for me but ME.

On a positive note, it felt pretty darn good to mail a hand-written letter and check off yesterday’s item on my Nagging Task list. I’ve surprised myself again by actually getting something done that has been wanting my attention for some time. I hope the trend continues. My motto used to be an old line from a young Ellen DeGeneres: “Why wait? Procrastinate Now.”

Today’s Nagging Task is to complete my two columns plus a news article, all of which are due tomorrow at noon.

Taking a few gentle self-care steps when my mood shifted was a gamechanger for me. In the past, I would sulk, slam about the kitchen or just disappear into my bedroom. But, I made lunch for Iris, cleaned up and then methodically gathered what I would need for self-care, got myself situated and did my reading and writing. It helped my mood almost instantly. I was cheery, patient and fun for the rest of the evening.


My Simple Abundance reading was about self-care, ironically enough. The idea was to create a comfort drawer filled with items that will sooth me when I’m wearied by the world. Or a 5 year-old. Or a looming deadline. I like the idea, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Too many other things to prioritize right now. My self-care items will have to stay scattered for the time being.

Overall: Weight loss around my cycle is always hit or miss. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’ll try to stay better hydrated and keep drinking the Snake Juice when I feel hungry. I need to get more sleep and really want to have a much cleaner day tomorrow wrt my liquid intake, i.e., no broth, good fats, heavy cream or stevia. That said, I’m very much of the mindset that allowing for a few of these things is just fine if it helps me push further into the fast. I feel quite confidant I’ll make my goal of Friday evening.

My man and I have a rare weekend away planned in the nearest big city (Winnipeg) as a celebration of our 2-year sobriversary, and while I know I’ll eat pretty healthily, I also plan to let myself indulge if the moment arises. I have another five day fast planned for next week. I scheduled an appointment for microblading ($$$) as a vanity reward for completing 10 days of fasting. If I don’t make it through this week and next, I have to cancel the appointment. A deal’s a deal.

My 5-day Fast (Day 4)



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A writer, woods-wanderer, and internal peace seeker who raises two free-range children in the wilderness, I escaped the wasteland of corporate America a few years back never to return. I write about love, family, mental health, addiction, parenthood and personal growth all through lens of place and connection to the land. Most entries are my weekly column for our local small-town newspaper, and there's an occasional feature story thrown in the mix as well.

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