My 5-day Fast (Day 2)

How am I feeling physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as my short fast continues?

Purpose: Physical and spiritual reset

Goal: Daily meditation/prayer, exercise, and journaling with a focus on weight-loss

Day 2:

Weight: 165.8 pounds (2.8 pounds down from Day 1: 168.6)

Sleep: +/- 6 hours

Falling asleep last night was very challenging. I last looked at the clock at 12:05am and woke up at 5am to use the bathroom. I was able to get about another hour before my daughter woke up. I didn’t sleep like a furnace again, Phew!, likely because I wasn’t metabolizing dinner from the night before. Today I plan to keep my cinnamon tea consumption to before noon, cut off screen time at 8PM and do a sleep meditation and/or stretching before bed.  I know me. If I run several days on 5-6 hours of sleep, I get hugely irritable and often sick.


  • 1 cup cinnamon tea
  • 1 cup Healthy Fasting detox tea
  • 20 ounces pure water
  • About 1 Liter Snake Juice
  • 2 sips of my daughter’s Crystal Light iced tea
  • 1 tsp diatomaceous earth

Physical: I woke up feeling a million times better than yesterday. I went to bed last night still with the headache that had plagued me ALL day; I’m sure that was one of the reasons I couldn’t readily fall asleep. Thankfully it was gone this morning. My sinuses were also clear, the first time in nearly two weeks. I did put some Vick’s Vapor Rub on the bottom of my feet before bed last night; that is said to help with congestion, though I was actually doing it to soften my heel callouses.

img_0071-e1520382988209.jpgI completed Day 41 of 80-Day Obsession. It was an hour-long total body weights and core workout. My muscles were spent and I was dripping sweat. After my hot/cold shower and fascia blasting, I felt ravenous. Snake Juice took the edge off fairly quickly however, even while making cookies. My little one begged me to surprise her papa with his favorite peanut butter cookies. I caught myself licking my fingers once and stopped.IMG_2697

(FYI – my personal Snake Juice formula is fairly weak; I use 1 tsp of both salt and No Salt, which is the potassium chloride.)

I had a touch of heartburn before bed. It felt like maybe I drank a little too much Snake Juice.

Nitty Gritty: My keto strip showed moderate fat burning at 40-hours fasted. I was surprised; I didn’t think it would show color until late today. As of this posting, I have not had a bowel movement since yesterday.IMG_2693-1 Ketosis March 6

Emotional: I am still cheered on by the novelty of the fasting routine and writing each detail. The whole goal of sharing WAY too much personal info was to help keep me accountable and pushing towards my goal. I also happily revealed the surprise weekend plans to my sweet man. He and I are two-years sober as of Thursday, March 8th so I’m planning a kid-free weekend in Winnipeg with loads of intimate time, a movie, a good steak dinner, Thai food and whatever else  we are craving and don’t usually get in our extremely rural location. Emotionally, I just feel happy and excited. It was also so great to see the number on the scale drop!

Mental: Still determined. Still motivated. I did notice a bit of mental preoccupation with food throughout the day. A canister of mixed nuts has been hanging out on the counter and table and every time I saw them, I would crave crunching and salt. Time to put food out of sight, including the fruit bowl. I had a few seconds of craving Shakeology after my workout, but it passed. Snake Juice sufficed.

I added another item to my Nagging Task list and started it first thing this morning. That never usually happens. The task was to write a long-overdue handwritten letter to a dear friend of mine. I hope to have it stamped and in the mail tomorrow.

I nervously shared my Day 1 blog post with a fasting support group I’m a member of on Facebook. It’s all women and has been very impactful on this journey. I keep a couple of my family members appraised of my fasting journey and they do the same. It’s been helpful.

Spiritual: I got into a minor 2-3 comment “squabble” on Facebook this past weekend with an acquaintance of mine who happens to be a fundamentalist Christian pastor. Yesterday, I was notified that he added another comment to the thread and I can’t bring myself to look at it and engage further. The issue at hand is that according to him, Christians who commit murder are not really Christians, but that Muslims who commit murder are just doing as their holy book commands. This is all kinds of wrong, as he is referring to Qu’ran verses taken hugely out of context, and I said as much. The whole interaction has been weighing heavy on my heart. If he were not a pastor, I probably wouldn’t hesitate to fight the good fight defending the truth, but something about his occupation and his subtly condescending, joking manner each time I see him is so hard to deal with. I’m not religious, but I plan to spend some time in legitimate prayer today about how I can handle this with love.

Housework meditation: Mindfully folding laundry and giving thanks for the beautiful people who wear these clothes and trust me to take care of them.

IMG_2699.JPGParaliminal guided meditation for the day: “Perfect Health – Align your mind and body for self-healing and well-being”

My daily reading from the Simple Abundance book was about building my own toy box to hold whatever toys I might want that spark joy and creativity. Playing is often set aside as an adult, so the goal is to tap back into the playful nature of children by finding a few toys and creating a toy box to hold them. I’m not yet sure what I would put in my toy box. Perhaps some pretty stickers or new markers or a silly puddy. I’ve always loved silly puddy.

I also watched Marianne Williamson’s free weekly livestream. She teaches on A Course In Miracles, which is my spiritual go-to.

Overall: It was a far easier day than Day 1, which greatly surprised me. I hope the rest of the fast goes as smoothly.

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